Cozy and Collected Girl’s Room; ORC Week 5: The Bedding and Art

Just one more week to go, friends, and we’ll be wrappin’ up this round of the ORC!  Woot!  I’m talkin details today…a few art pieces, layers of bedding, and a shelf install.

The Art

As you well know, I’m going for cozy and collected for the vibe here.  That means I sourced a variety of art pieces for the space, in addition to some fun and memorable photos that bring back fond memories.

I rediscovered these sweet mushroom paintings (above) in my thrift stash.  I found them years ago at a favorite resale shop for a whopping $1 each.  A pair of simple wood frames from Target (complete with the mat), was the perfect pairing for them.

Elsie is into narwhals at the moment (aren’t most little girls?), and in searching around for some printable art, I stumbled on this Etsy Shop that has a ton of great vintage printables.  This whale print brings texture and a bit of authenticity to the space.  I had it printed at my neighborhood pharmacy/photo spot and found a simple black frame at Home Goods for it.

I’ve been wanting to try out Jenny Komenda‘s genius prints in an Ikea frame since she launched them.  Juniper Print Shop has a wide variety of options (landscapes, photography, abstract, graphic art, etc).  Elsie picked this adorable color chart, I ordered the print, and it arrived so quickly!  I followed the instructions in their video, and had the art together and hung in no time.

I chose this size and a black frame to visually balance the window over the bed on the right.  It’s all about balance, y’all!

The Shelves

In the tent, I had planned on using this old bookshelf we’ve had forever.  Once things started to come together, it just didn’t seem right, though.  I started searching for wall-mount shelves that could work.

One disadvantage to most wall-mount shelves is the lack of “ends” for the books to lean on.  You often have to use bookends to keep the books upright.  Well, I stumbled on these cool brackets that can be hung above the shelf to provide that bookend effect.  Perfect!

I got 2 pieces of project plywood and had the kind folks at the store rip them down to 10″ strips so I wouldn’t have to pull out the table saw.

At home I cut them down to the right lengths (16″ for one, and 32″ for three, so that the brackets would all be in studs).  Then I added wood veneer edgebanding to the edges.

I used painters tape to determine the spacing I wanted, then hung the brackets right through the fabric.  Below you can see I tested the shelves on the brackets.  I love how seamless and integrated they look in the tent!  I then sanded and stained them using the same stain cocktail as the dresser.  You’ll have to wait until next week to see them finished and styled!

The Bedding

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I settled on a lovely little bedding mix.  I was so tempted by these cute cat sheets (and Elsie would have loved them!), but the shade of purple just wasn’t right.  We do love the look I landed on, though.  Here’s a roundup of what we got.

Next week is the big reveal!  The incredible Cat Nguyen is taking photos of the room, and I can’t wait to see them and share them with you all!

Now, for our updated to-dos…

  • organize/purge
  • rearrange
  • refinish dresser
  • prep and paint walls
  • make tent + get comfy seating
  • get bedding
  • get rug
  • get window treatments
  • get wall art
  • get mirror
  • get bedside table
  • storage/toy solution
  • get lamps

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