ORC Master Bedroom Week 2: The Plan

Welcome back!  It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and let’s talk about the plan…

The Plan

Now that you know how far we’ve already come, shall we pick right on up where we left off last week?  It was super important to me to that the room be polished and pulled-together, but to also be warm and inviting, with a masculine feel.  So much of our house is subject to my personal taste and decor whims, I wanted to honor my sweet, supportive husband and his presence and style in our home, especially in this room.

Now, allow me to lay out what will be staying in the room, so I can make a plan moving forward.  I knew the bed base would be staying…more on that later.  We may replace the night stands, or may work with what we’ve got.  And the woven shades on the windows will stay.  That’s about it!  So, in thinking of the elements that I wanted to bring in, we’ll need.

To Find:

  • a pair of comfy chairs
  • an ottoman or footstool
  • a casegoods (hard) piece to ground the chairs
  • something at the foot of the bed
  • drapes
  • bedding
  • lighting
  • a better ceiling fan
  • pillows for the chairs
  • accessories
  • wall art

Above you can see the general idea of the furniture layout.  Aaaannnnnd, now for the fun stuff…

For the colors and fabrics in the room, I really liked the existing wall color we had on three of the walls, Soft Chamois from Benjamin Moore.  It’s one of my go-to light neutrals…warm but not too yellow.  I could wax poetic about wall colors, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.  So, out went the deep green accent wall.

I just love the look of rich camel brown velvet so I started looking for a pair of club chairs that would bring that richness to the room.  I stumbled on this gorgeous vintage pair of Drexel Heritage chairs from 1st Dibs.  Aren’t they incredible!?  But, I couldn’t justify spending as much as they were asking.

I decided instead to move our pair of navy club chairs from the Living Room to the bedroom.  This would put these lovely (masculine!) chairs to good use and allow for some future changes there.

Our two closets offer plenty of clothes storage for us, so rather than a dresser in the bedroom I decided to use our heirloom China cabinet.  This is actually one of the few walls in the home large enough to hold it, plus I’m kind of a sucker for unexpected uses for traditional furniture.  I’ll probably load it up with books.


Now that the blue chairs were decided, I started looking for fabric for drapes.  The ceiling in this room is low at 7’6″, and my goal is to make it feel taller than that.  To do so, I want to hang drapes as close to the ceiling as possible to give the effect of higher ceilings.  So, off-the-rack drapes just wouldn’t do.

I stumbled on some gorgeous camel brown velvet fabric for a steal, and snatched it up for the drapes.  Then started pulling other fabrics in that would work with the masculine, warm color scheme.  I’ll use the navy wool with white dots for the headboard, and paint the base of the bed navy to match.  The other fabrics will be used for accent pillows.

I also found a moody vintage painting (from one of the sales at Green Chair Project)  in the perfect size and scale for over the bed.   Now that I had more of a direction, I whipped up a ‘lil mood board so I could visualize it all.

Moodboard Sources: Chairs in Cadet Navy | Ottoman | Floor Lamp | Brass Accent Table | Similar Bed | Night Stands | Black Lamps | Brass Sconces | Woven Shades in Capri Maple | Rug

To really get a feel for how the drapes would look in the room, I unrolled the fabric a bit, and pinned the cut edge up on our curtain rod.  I’m all about simulating a look to be sure it’s the direction you want to go in, especially when you’re having something custom made.

You can see I also hung the painting (on an existing nail), again…just to help me visualize it all together.

how to visualize custom drapes

I managed to get the wall painted, as you can see from the photo at the top.  And the drapes are being sewn as we speak!  Woot!

Next week I’ll be back to chat more about the headboard and the bed, and I’ll make a final decision about the night stands.

I’m so glad you’re here, following along!

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