ORC Master Bedroom, Week 6: The Reveal

Ladies and gentleman…drum roll please!  The time has come to reveal the final photographs of this season’s ONE.  ROOM.  CHALLENNNNNNGE!  [More links are at the bottom of this post.]

A Quick Review

If you’re new here, in a nutshell I’m an Interior Designer in beautiful Raleigh, NC.  This is my second ORC (with my first, I went big and BOLD in our powder room), and I love that the Challenge motivates me to complete rooms in my own home, which usually falls low on my priority list (cobbler’s kids have no shoes and all).  You can catch up on this challenge’s earlier posts here: Week 1: The Befores  | Week 2: The Plan  |  Week 3: The Bed | Week 4: Lighting and Art | Week 5:  The Bedding.

I have had such a blast pulling together this room, and finally creating a space that is so welcoming and cozy, and feels inviting to both my husband and myself. For a refresher on where we started, check out the doozie of a before plus the floor plan overview in this post.  When we moved into the house, this space was a den and porch (and was originally built as a garage and porch).  We enclosed the porch and reconfigured the space, as you can see below.

former single car garage turned master suite

Without Further Ado

The generous folks at Spoonflower worked with me on some of the bedding and they sent a photographer over to capture reveal images.  I’ve added in some extra photos that I took myself.  Without further ado, allow me to share the photos! [A full source list is below the pics.]

Masculine master bedroom, black lab, Cate Holcombe Interiors
Cozy master bedroom, Cate Holcombe Interiors
Photo via Spoonflower

My goal was for the room to feel cozy, masculine, and inviting, but still fresh.  I chose fabrics inspired mainly by menswear.  Plaids, textures, and velvets are punctuated with brass and black finishes.  Warm wood tones in the case goods offer subtle texture and variation.

I had really hoped to find a leather bench for the foot of the bed, but it just didn’t happen in time.  I ended up using this one from Home Goods (here’s a similar one), which works just fine.  But, I will still keep my eye out for the perfect leather bench.  I had been eyeing one from Article that Erin ended up using in her ORC bedroom, and seeing it there confirms my instinct…it’s so lovely!

Kravet Toboggan Blue Jay, plaid headboard, Cate Holcombe Interiors

The real star of the bedding is the brown shibori shams and duvet from Roostery Home.  I was so very excited when they reached out to collaborate!  I debated between a subtle check or stripe and this shibori dot pattern, and I’m so glad I went bold!  The dots add the perfect bit of umph to the space.

Kravet Toboggan Blue Jay, plaid headboard, Cate Holcombe Interiors

The plaid on the headboard really ties the room together.  It’s the most supple and soft wool fabric from Kravet.  I love that it repeats the rich brown in the drapes and the navy from the club chairs.

I was delighted to find this original art at The Green Chair Project. It was the perfect size and proportion, and just the right amount of moody.

The plug-in sconce lights are perfect when one of us is up late reading.  They are even dimmable, and the articulating arms give lots of versatility.

My husband often has a stack of books on his night stand, so I went with that theme, and left them there.  The vintage-esque clock is an Amazon find, and the pair of black lamps was a score from Home Goods.

A brass thrift store vase holds roses on my side of the bed, and this gold footed frame from World Market adds height and displays a pic of my honey.

navy club chairs, china cabinet, brown drapes, Cate Holcombe Interiors
Photo via Spoonflower

Across from the bed is the antique china cabinet we inherited.  This is one of the few walls in our home where it fits, and I love using it as a library of sorts.  We moved these navy chairs here from the living room (perhaps that will be my next ORC room!).  The headboard fabric is repeated in these pillows.  My great aunt knit this sumptuous throw blanket for my Mom ages ago, and it reminds me of a cozy old fisherman’s sweater.

The foot stool was another find from The Green Chair Project (though you can get a similar new one here), and I made a cushion for it out of this lovely Robert Allen fabric.

Target came to the rescue with the brass drum table and the library light.

gallery grid, Cate Holcombe Interiors
Photo via Spoonflower

The gallery grid displays a meaningful collection of scenic shots I’ve snapped over the years.  I touched on how I put it together in this post, but I’ll share a more detailed post on it in the future.  The frames are from Michaels and the awesome floor planter is from Target.  I re-potted a snake plant from Home Depot here.  Fingers crossed she lives a long life!

Truth be told, a pull-up bar usually lives in this closet door.  Our girls LOVE to climb and swing, and this is typically what’s happening in here…


Whew!  This has been such a fun, albeit stressful and intense, event!  Though, I am SO happy to have a cozy retreat to escape to.  In fact, this room is where I want to spend all of my time now!  Thank you to Linda and her team at the One Room Challenge for inspiring us all to complete a space and share the process.  I always learn from others as I’m following along.

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