Client Journal: #projectmoodyblues

[Photos by Anna Barzin]

Client: a young, vibrant family of four who appreciates traditional and classic design, with a bit of a twist

Space: the formal sitting room just off the foyer

Functional Objective: to create an inviting, yet sophisticated, kid-free space to share cocktails with friends

Aesthetic Objective:  to create a space that felt like a bit of a departure from the rest of the bright, open downstairs, yet still feels cohesive

Highlights:  We brought in saturation and textures galore to this cozy little library room.  The client’s favorite color is blue, and we chose a warmer, greener blue for the walls of this space.  It contrasts beautifully with the cityscape art they wanted to include, really causing the piece to shine.  We chose a similar blue for the upholstery on the four club chairs.  These offer a deep, inviting spot to curl up with a book or to catch up with friends.  The big window provides a great spot for a mini greenhouse moment, bringing life and more texture to the room.

But, Mostly…

Having a retreat to cozy up in and a place to reconnect after long, kid-filled days was important to this couple.  We created a space for them to relax and host friends, laying the foundation for deep, life-long connections.

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August 3, 2022



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