Client Journal: #projectkeepingcozy

[Photos by Cat Wilbourne]

Client: A young family of four + a pup

Space: the “keeping room” or living area open and adjacent to the kitchen

Functional Objective: to maximize comfort and durability, while elevating the look

Aesthetic Objective: to replace the drab sofas with more colorful, tailored seating; to bring color and life into the space

Highlights: This family loved having a pair of sofas in this space.  This is where everyone snuggled up for family movie nights and Saturday morning cartoons.  The children are close here while the parents are cooking and meal prepping. Because this room is so open to the heart of the home and the center of daily tasks, this family wanted it to inspire and reflect joy.  While the walls remained a soft neutral, we brought lots of color, texture, and pattern in with the furniture and details.

But, Mostly…

We *love* working on such hardworking spaces…those rooms we spend the majority of our time in.  Knowing this space comforts and inspires daily as this family grows through life’s challenges and celebrations means the world to us.

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August 3, 2022



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