Client Journal: #projectbedtimebliss

It’s time for another entry in our Client Journal!  Let’s take a look at the main bedroom we recently completed.  We’ve been sharing some highlights on Instagram under the hashtag #projectbedtimebliss.  Be sure you scroll to the bottom to see the before/after comparison! [Photos by Cat Wilbourne]

Clients: One of the sweetest and most genuine couples I have ever met.  They were looking to create a true retreat in their home.

Space: A good-sized first floor main bedroom with loads of gorgeous windows and natural light.

Functional Objective: To utilize their existing furnishings, and add in a comfortable place to sit and read.  To retain the functionality of the existing chaise as a favorite spot to work on a laptop or take a call.  They wanted an inviting and layered bed, a soft rug, and no-maintenance florals.

Aesthetic Objective: To really freshen up the space and elevate the overall look and feel.  To replace the dated window treatments and create a cohesive and unique design.


Because these clients wanted to keep the existing wood and leather furnishings in the room and to visually elevate the space, the aesthetics were the main priority.  We were able to create quite the transformation by changing key elements: the window treatments, the custom bedding, wall color, art, and rug.  The worn chaise was replaced with a beautiful custom made, inviting chaise proportioned to the tall stature of the client,  In a spot that gets a lot of sunlight, we needed to ensure the fabric would not fade quickly as other fabrics have done in this spot.  We added the stunning reading chair to the right of the bed, with expertly matched pattern placement.

The real star of the show may be the collection of gorgeous pillows on the bed.  We balanced the delicate florals there with a structured plaid on the drapes.  Initially we had planned on a neutral, metallic wallpaper, but changed course and chose a deep mushroom color for the walls.  It creates a big dose of contrast with the drapes while softening the visual transition from the heavy, dark furniture.  We created floral arrangements using preserved flowers and greens.  This is a fantastic way to bring organic, textural, authentic life to a space with zero maintenance required.

Below is the mood board we presented at the Detailed Design Meeting to convey our design with the client.

custom master bedroom

January 25, 2022



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