Father’s Day Gift Guide

A few weeks ago I shared some gift ideas for Moms, but as June quickly approaches, it’s high time for a Father’s Day Gift Guide!

I’ve brainstormed a bit and have come up with some meaningful gifts that might be just right for the Dad in your life.  I’ve broken things down into 5 categories.  Please use my suggestions as a guide and tweak the ideas for your own situation.  Perhaps these ideas will inspire you to create a gift or experience of your own.

I’m sure most Dads would be thrilled to simply be acknowledged and appreciated, but if you’re up for adding a little umph to the day, here are some thoughts.

fathers day gift guide

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Relaxing Outdoors

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Perhaps your guy likes to relax in the great outdoors.  These two hammocks are perfect for that.  Choose the one that’s best for his lifestyle.  The camping hammock is lightweight and portable…easy to pack up and move around.  The more traditional hammock may fit your family better and would be a lovely addition to a porch or deck.

Is he the grill master in your household?  He can keep a close “eye” on the grill with this super techy meat thermometer.  It connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, so he can monitor the meat from the hammock!

Avid Reader?

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If Dad loves to read, and does not yet own a Kindle, this may be the perfect thing to surprise him with.  My husband reads voraciously and though it took a bit of getting used to, a Kindle allows him to have ALL of his favorite books in his pocket.  You can even preemptively load the Kindle with a few books.

One thing I love about Kindle books is the ease of gifting them.  If he already has a Kindle, and you know of a book your guy is coveting, you can gift him the Kindle version easily.  From the listing on Amazon, click “Give as a Gift”, then have the confirmation email sent to him on a specific date of your choosing, or send it to yourself to print out and slip into a card.  He can exchange the purchase for an Amazon credit if he doesn’t want that particular book.

[One of my favorite perks of Kindle reading is that the technology works across multiple devices.  If I’m stuck in a waiting room, I can access my book at the spot I left off from my phone or tablet, using the Kindle app.]

Perhaps he has a favorite reading chair.  This smart lightbulb would be a fun new addition to the spot.  Simply put it in a lamp, and use a smart phone to adjust it to your specifications.  This would be a nice addition in a bedroom where the lamp is difficult to reach from bed.



This adorable rolling cooler would be perfect in on a porch or deck.  Bonus points for filling it with his favorite beverages.

Does you guy love a specialty cocktail?  There are some amazing looking kits available, some of which offer subscription options. Saloon Box, Cocktail Courier, and Crafted Taste are a few I came across.

There are so many family friendly breweries around.  Perhaps an afternoon hanging out at one is just what your guy would love.  We were recently in Asheville, NC and the Sierra Nevada Brewery there is set up for a whole day of family fun.  They have live music, plenty of comfy shaded seating, a full garden to wander through, outdoor games, delicious food, and so much more.

Tool Stuff

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Depending on how many tools your guy has, one of these tool carriers could be an excellent gift.  My husband has a well stocked workshop, but we keep this open tool bag in an easy-to-reach spot in our home for quick repairs or for hanging hooks or art.  It can be filled with your must-haves like screw drivers, a stud finder, small level, a hammer, and a drill.  It comes with a divided organizer perfect for organizing nails and screws.  The vintage looking red tool box could serve a similar purpose, and it’s just so cute (I mean manly and masculine and beefy.). These carriers make it easy to grab tools and go if he’s headed out of the home for a project.

A good impact drill or driver could be the perfect gift if your guy doesn’t already have one.  The set I’ve linked to comes with the driver as well as the bits.  It’s strong enough to drill into the hardest of woods and is a heavy lifter in our house.

If you already have another brand of cordless tools in your home, stick with that.  We have all Makita tools, and the rechargeable batteries are interchangeable between tools.  Black and Decker, Dewalt, and Ryobi  have similar drivers.

Tickets (and maybe a babysitter)

Check the listings of your local event venues for summer concerts, shows, comedians, etc. that Dad would love. Here in the Triangle, a few to check are Koka BoothDPAC, Memorial Auditorium, Walnut Creek, Red Hat, Lincoln Theatre, and PNC Arena.

An afternoon or evening out to a favorite restaurant and event would be a memorable gift indeed.  Take the kids along or hire a babysitter…whatever works for your family.  If funds are tight, try switch-sitting with a friend.  This is one of our go-to babysitting approaches.  She (or he) watches your kiddos one night while you go out, then you do the same for them on another night.  Bonus points all around if the kids are down for the night before the sitting commences!

I am so very grateful for my husband Frank and the incredible Dad he is to our girls.  Thanks, babe, for all you do for us!  Our lives would be so quiet and boring without you!


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