Ten Invisible Ceiling Fans

It’s that time of year when the temps are rising, and I’m looking for ALL of the ways to cool down and catch a breeze.  I am a huge proponent of ceiling fans, and we have one in almost every room of our home.  As someone sensitive to aesthetics in all things (even -especially- utilitarian things), I am always on the lookout for invisible ceiling fans.  Let me explain.

Invisible Ceiling Fans

As an object of function, a ceiling fan should either disappear into the ceiling (be camouflaged, if you will), or be so understated in it’s simplicity and beauty that it feels like a completely natural extension of the design of the room.

Most ceilings in the US are white, so a clean-lined white fan is often an ideal choice.  If you’re wanting some contrast or more eye catching style, a darker fan (black, wood look, or metal), is a great option.  As with most things, I say keep it simple.  I don’t typically go for ornate, embellished fans.

Rejuvenation Ceiling Fan


Light or No Light?

Generally speaking, I prefer fans without lights.  Overhead lighting in general should be installed and/or used sparingly in my opinion.  I much prefer floor or table lamps or sconces as ambient lighting sources.  Sometimes, though, it’s preferable or necessary for the fan to also have a light.  Again…the simpler, the better.

I’ve rounded up ten fans that fit this criteria below.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Do you love having ceiling fans as much as I do?  Those rare days that we can have the windows open and a slight breeze from fans are my absolute favorite.

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May 24, 2018



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