From Cluttered and Boring to Functional and Beautiful

I received an email recently that was almost as exciting as Christmas morning!  The beauty of my Custom Room Designs is that the clients implement the plan at their own pace, and as their budget allows.  This makes the process highly individual to each client.  What it means, though, is that I don’t always get to see the finished product.  When a client does share photos of the room after they have implemented the plan, I get giddy with excitement! 

That is in fact what I received an email about.  These clients had hired me to re-purpose their formal dining room into a sitting room/office.  They happily emailed a photo and said, “It’s now complete.  Finished the painting last night. What an amazing difference the blue walls make! Couldn’t be happier.” 

Allow me to share an image of the room the last time I had seen it:

It really IS incredible what a difference the blue walls make!  With just a few new pieces, a fresh coat of paint, and classic draperies, this room is transformed.  What was an unused, clutter-filled room has become a beautiful, functional space.  My clients retreat here to read and recharge, and their teenagers use the desks for homework.

The Custom Room Design includes a Mood Board, a to-scale Floor Plan, a clickable Shopping List, as well as a thorough explanation of what I chose and why.  Then, I work with the client to tweak any changes they may request.  Below is the Mood board I created for this space. 

I would absolutely love to create a Custom Room Design for you!  Contact me to schedule a consultation, and we’ll get to work!

June 29, 2017



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