Classic White Bathroom Remodel

Listen, y’all.  I’m a fan of a quirky, mid century, pink-tiled bathroom as much as the next gal, but the plumbing was clogged and corroded and the shower pan was leaking, so this en suite bathroom just wasn’t salvageable.  That meant the pink tile had to go!  So I re-envisioned this space from the ground up and designed a classic white bathroom remodel.  I do think I managed to retain some of the quirk and character, with a classic, fresh foundation.  I will post some side-by-side before and afters (as well as a source list) at the end of this post.  Take a look…

To maximize usable space, I designed a narrow ledge to run under the mirrors.  This is the perfect spot to set toiletries or a curling iron.  And the mirrors themselves are actually frame-less medicine cabinets.  After hours of researching these, I ended up choosing an inexpensive pair on Amazon.  What I love about these in particular is that the interior of the cabinets, as well as the back side of the doors, are mirrored, too.  So as you’re getting ready in the morning, with the cabinet door open, you can still see your reflection (no need to open and close the door to see yourself as you’re using the products inside)!

I nailed simple wood trim around the mirrors once they were installed to add contrast and texture.

We went with a zero entry shower pan, again to hint at more visual space.  This eliminated another visual and physical plane or barrier in the room.  The gray penny tiles flow directly from the floor of the room into the shower.

The original door to the bathroom swung into the room, against the shower door.  This was so crowded and awkward, but a pocket door wasn’t possible here.  We went with clean and simple barn door hardware, but re-purposed an original six panel door from the home so it wouldn’t feel too farmhouse-y in this mid-century colonial home.

This bathroom functions beautifully now, and is so bright and cheerful!

Source List:

Now, for those befores:

Do you have a dated or unusable bathroom, too?  Shoot me a message, and we can make a plan for a classic, functional, delightful remodel!

July 18, 2017



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