Operations During COVID-19

August 2020 Update

As the pandemic continues, and the school year approaches, we are shifting gears a bit here at CHI.  I have so missed working with clients and stretching my creative muscles, and have made a plan to resume client projects.  Our daughters will be in virtual school at least through December (and likely through June, I imagine), but we have some childcare assistance lined up for weekday mornings. 

If you are interested in working with me, please go ahead and book a Discovery Call so we can talk through your project.  It’s becoming more and more evident we will all continue to spend lots of time in our homes, so let’s make them functional and delightful!

We may be able to accomplish your goals via a virtual consultation, or if meeting in-person is necessary, I will wear a mask and ask that you do the same. 

I look forward to working with you!

April 2020

We are 6+ weeks into the onset of Stay-Home orders for COVID-19 here in North Carolina, and I am still in a bit of shock about it all.  I never could have imagined how drastically and abruptly our lives could change.  We are so very fortunate for the health and wellbeing of our nuclear and extended family, as I know that is certainly not the case for many many folks.

I wanted to post an update here for current and future clients regarding how this pandemic is affecting business here at Cate Holcombe Interiors.  As you likely know, I am a solo entrepreneur with two young energetic children and a fantastic husband.  With schools now officially closed through the end of this school year and children at home, like so many others we find ourselves juggling new online learning platforms, two parents working from home, and a heightened load of cooking and housekeeping.

Because of this, it has become clear that the best approach for our family is for me to suspend new client work.  I am simply not able to devote the time and focus necessary to take on additional work at this time.  I understand that this decision is likely to come at a cost, but for our continued health and well being, this is the best decision we can make at this point.

Since the onset of the pandemic here, I have continued to work on existing client projects.  I had been excitedly planning a project for our own home for the One Room Challenge.  All of those wheels were in motion when the pandemic hit, so I will continue that work and will be happily sharing blog and Instagram posts starting May 6.  I am planning on continuing to send a monthly newsletter.  I generally share design tips and tricks, as well as inspiration and personal updates.  If you’re not subscribed to that, you can do so here.

I have a list of consultations and on-site meetings that will resume as soon as it’s safe to do so.  If you are a new client interested in working together, please feel free to send me a message here, and we can make a plan.  I have temporarily put a pause on automated booking of Discovery Calls, but would love to chat.

I will keep you posted as things evolve.  I look forward to the day we can meet in person!

April 28, 2020



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