True Color Expert, Raleigh, NC!

Years ago I started following Maria Killam, a designer who’s passion and expertise lie in specifying the *just right* colors for interiors and exteriors.  She shares tons of great tips and advice for choosing the best paint colors, based on mostly on undertones – a seemingly mysterious and intangible element of design. 

I love that she believes in making classic choices for the fixed elements in a home, creating spaces that withstand the test of time.  She began teaching a workshop for designers and design enthusiasts, and I immediately wanted to go.  The problem?  The workshops were waaaay across the continent in Vancouver, Canada.  Eventually she started taking her workshops on the road, and just this year she announced a Charlotte workshop.  I immediately signed up.

The course was three days long, and jam-packed with helpful information.  In high school and college, I learned basic color theory, but Maria’s Understanding Undertones approach taught me how to identify undertones, thus revealing the ideal colors to specify for any given project.  *Everything* (even things you deem neutral) has an undertone.  Now that I can quickly and confidently recognize that, I can choose other “neutrals” that complement the space. 

It has been a few months since I completed the course, and it has been SUCH a game-changer.  Armed with Maria’s approach and a set of large-scale paint samples, I can so clearly hone in on the color that compliments and pulls together the space.  If you have painting in your future, click the contact link above.  I’d love to help you get it right the first time!

September 9, 2016



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