Custom Design for DIY Install, Family Room

With all of my clients we start with a consultation.  For folks who are needing a little inspiration or have a checklist of design-related questions for their home, or maybe they just need help specifying a paint color, this initial consultation may be all they need. 

Other clients are looking for a more comprehensive design plan for one or more rooms in their home.  So, I offer Custom Design Plans for Do-It-Yourself Installation.  This is the perfect solution for many families who want that custom design, but don’t want the expense and commitment of a full-service designer. 

Recently I had the pleasure of creating a Custom Design for DIY install for an adorable family who was moving into a new-to-them home.  They have a lovely open concept family room and kitchen, and were really starting from scratch in this space.  Their old furniture was being used elsewhere in the house, so this space was a blank slate. We talked through their needs for the space, their likes and dislikes design-wise, and their budget.  I then put together a comprehensive plan, including a mood board, to-scale floor pan, interactive shopping list, and detailed explanation as to why I chose what. 

Below is the mood board portion of the design I sent to them. 

And below are the befores:

My client had be come back for some design advice in other areas of her home, and I was so excited to see all of the furniture and accessories in place!  The drapes still need to be hung, but even without them, the room came together beautifully! 

I hear from my clients that they love getting a custom plan and are still in complete control of the budget, when they purchase,  and when they install their new pieces.  I would absolutely love to create a custom plan for your home!  Click the Contact link above, and I’m happy to send you more details and pricing. 

September 9, 2016



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