Client Journal: Sophisticated Yet Joyful Primary Bedroom, Den, and Bathroom

[Photos by Cat Nguyen]

Client: A retired couple wanting to bring in sophisticated yet joyful color and pattern to their home.

Spaces: A den, primary bedroom, and a hall bathroom.

Functional Objective: Our client had existing furniture they wanted to use in both the bedroom and den areas, our job was to add some intentional details to the spaces to complete the aesthetic.  The beautiful, silk chairs in the den were existing, but the couple wanted them to feel more relaxed (aesthetically and functionally), so we had ottomans made in a coordinating solid with matching legs and just the right height to pair comfortably with the chairs. The bedroom served them well, but was lacking style and color.

Aesthetic Objective: Elevate the spaces with color and pattern and get creative in the soft finishes.  The bedroom furniture was existing as well, but we made a impactful transformation with paint and textiles. The custom bed canopy not only makes a dramatic statement, but it also brings warmth and texture to the bedroom.  To continue the impact of the canopy, we had drapes made in the same solid green and matched the wall color to the fabric color for a truly luxurious cocoon-like feel.  

We layered a small print wallpaper in the den with an edited assortment of the couple’s collected art, creating a gallery that can grow and expand as their collection grows.

The hall bathroom was an opportunity for a bolder look on the walls. We sourced the perfect wallpaper to compliment the couple’s existing tiles while bringing a big dose of color and pattern to the space. A simple white linen Roman shade adds a lovely texture to the space (and privacy when needed).

Highlights: Color, textiles, and finishing details make a couple’s incredible collection of art and antiques absolutely shine.

bedroom with gorgeous custom bed canopy
custom bed canopy and pillow shams
gorgeous silk chairs, wall art gallery, small scale wallpaper
bathroom with floral green and blue wallpaper
bathroom with green and blue floral wallpaper

February 5, 2024



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