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Despite my most earnest intentions, it never fails that December rolls on by, and Christmas sneaks up on me.  Now, I’m pretty good at planning gifts, shopping and wrapping in advance, but inevitably a gift or two falls through the cracks, and I’m left scrambling at the last minute.  Of course one can always pick up a bottle of wine or grab some fresh flowers for a last minute gift, but if you’re looking for something more creative or meaningful, I got your back! 

Thanks to the gloriously free two-day shipping Amazon offers to Prime members, you can order a gift as late as December 22nd (the official Prime cut-off date this year), and still get it by the 25th.  The problem is, Amazon is so darn vast and overwhelming.  How do you find a stylish, meaningful gift?!

Here’s how!

I have foraged the site and rounded up dozens of stylish and/or practical gifts for the deserving people in your life.  You’ll see a range of prices…some splurges, but most of these are super reasonably priced, so no need to break the bank!  I’ve grouped them into four categories.  Gifts for: Hosts, Kiddos, Him, and Her.

FYI:  Some of these items showed limited availability at the time of publishing this post.  As quantities diminish, Prime shipping and/or availability may change.  If you’re interested in something, order before it disappears!

Let’s get started with the Ladies! (Links to the items are below each graphic.)

Saddleback Purse

What a gorgeous little bag, perfect for everyday use.  I love that it’s cross-body…so convenient and chic!

Glitter Earrings

These earrings just scream PARTYYYY!  Juuust right for New Year’s Eve, be it on the sofa or at a fancy soiree.

Opening Night Necklace

This could stand alone or be layered with other pieces she has…a classic, delicate addition to her collection!

Olive Tree and Thyme Candle

My ALL TIME FAVORITE candle.  My husband gifted this candle to me years ago, and it remains my favorite scent.  The burn time is long, and the scent is so lovely. It’s made in the USA from soy wax, and you can reuse the vessel once the candle has burned.  Win win!

Smeg Electric Kettle

If you hate cluttered counter tops as much as I do, you might just make an exception for this adorable electric kettle.  It comes in several great colors.  Pair it with the tea sampler below for a gift she’s sure to love!

Tea Sampler

A great option for the tea-lover in your life.  Harney and Sons are excellent teas, and she’s sure to find a new favorite among these 15 flavors.

Face Mask Set

I’m slightly obsessed with sheet masks.  I love the idea of having a variety on hand for at-home facials, and Dr. Jart is one of my favorite skincare brands.

Hair Tools Holster

I picked up one of these at Home Goods recently, and it is fantastic!  It sticks to your bathroom counter top, and offers a safe spot for your curling iron, straightener or hair dryer.  It withstands high heats, so rather than setting the hot tool on the counter, it stays out of the way in this holster.  Love it!

Leather Laptop Tote

This looks like a classic leather tote, but is sturdy and organized inside for her laptop and other essentials.  Add the tassel below for an added style boost.

Tassel Keychain

Super cute stocking stuffer or add-on for a simple leather purse.  Use it as a key chain or just clip it onto a bag.

Handmade Soaps

I’m a huge fan of bar soap.  I love the rich scents and the moisturizing quality.  This set of 8 is made in the USA from natural ingredients.  Pair it with the tray below for an awesome stocking stuffer.

Silicone Soap Tray

Nobody likes slimy, mushy soap, so a soap tray is a must in a shower.  This one is modern and lovely in it’s simplicity.

Stanley Flask

The vintage styling of this flask is everything!

Retro Flipdown Clock

The novelty of this clock is so charming.  What a conversation piece for any home.

Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

He’ll be so glad to have this the next time he travels.  Plenty of ports to charge all. of. the. things. in a hotel or guest room.

Firewood Tote

In our house, my husband is the one building and maintaining the fires.  This would make that job a lot easier!

Weekender Watch

Perfect for a preppy guy.  Or a Southern guy.  Or a hipster guy.  Well, any guy, really!

Travel Blanket

I got one of these for a recent trip to Disney and it was so handy to have.  An instant clean, dry spot to sit for fireworks, parades, picnics, etc.

Striped Socks

If you’re going to gift socks for the holidays, may they be as stylish and high quality as these.

Wireless Phone Charging Disc

A gift for the guy who has everything!  He can charge his phone without plugging in.

Duffel Bag

Time to replace the old college duffel!  This is a classic bag to get him through the next decade or two.

Copper Basket

Stop by the grocery store on the way to the party and plop a few pears or apples in this baby!

Elephant Match Strike

A splurge, but such an adorable gift for this winter season.  An elephant with his trunk up means good luck!

Host Key

This elegant wine bottle opener is so stylish and simple.  The perfect add-on to a great bottle of wine.  Or pop it in a stocking for your favorite wine drinker.

ABCs Mold

A fun gift for fun parents.  They can make letter shaped ice, treats, or even crafts (melt old crayon bits into new shapes!).

Silicone Drying Rack

OK, so this is not the most glamorous gift, but it’s oh so practical.  I saw this at a friend’s house and was amazed.  It’s a sturdy drying rack that you roll out over the top of your sink.  An instant spot to set your colander to drain pasta, stack drying pots and pans, or set a plant you’ve just over watered.  Roll it up for storage.  Super cool!

Geo Puzzle

I love to have a good game or puzzle on a coffee table.  It gives folks something to do with their hands and can be a great conversation starter.  This ball consists of magnets that can be sculpted into different shapes or fit back into the original form.

Hippo Bottle Opener

An adorable, practical addition to any bar cart.

Ceramic Pot

Add a plant from the hardware store to this cute pot for a gift that brings lasting beauty.

Woodland Pencil Set

A sweet addition to an early writer’s stocking.

Rad Bike Helmet

This is my daughter’s helmet.  She LOVES it and gets tons of complements.


It’s a classic.  “Nough said.

Wooden Trike/Bike

This is a super versatile and stylish gift for a tot. Start it off with three wheels and plenty of stability, then you can alter it to a two-wheeled balance bike as their skills increase!

Creativity Can

One of my girls’ favorite shows is Creative Galaxy on Amazon.  Kiddos create crafts from all kinds of fun supplies.  This would be the perfect craft starter kit for an imaginative kid.

Wood Fire Chief Car

This is just the cutest.  Fun toy + stylish accessory for shelves in an adorable nursery.

Game of Phones

For the teenagers or maybe even adults.  This game challenges players to use their phones as a tool to compete.

Wooden Toys

Again with the adorable, display-worthy toys for a baby!

Land Rover Toy

I always wanted a Land Rover Defender.  Maybe this is my chance to finally have one!

Now, a note about wrapping.  You can always have Amazon “wrap” the gift for you for a few extra bucks.  They will slide the gift into a synthetic cloth drawstring bag.  Meh.  To step it up a notch and elevate the wrapping to meet the high style of the gift, add a pack of assorted gift bags to your cart, as well as some graphic tissue paper.  A combo of black/white stripes and white/gold dots would be adorable.  Throw in some tags, and you’re good to go!

So, there you have it!  Be sure to bookmark this link so when you’re scramblin’ in a week or so, you can pop back over and finish up your holiday shopping.  Meeeerrrrrrrrry Christmasssssss!

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December 8, 2017



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