The Gift Source You Didn’t Know You Needed [Gift Guide]

You guys.  I found a unicorn.  Theoretically speaking, that is.  This shop seriously has gifts for everyone on your list.  And not just run-of-the-mill predictable gifts, but unique, curated and beautifully made gifts, sure to wow your family, friends, and coworkers alike.  (I’ve gathered some of my favorites and linked them below, so be sure to scroll down for the deets.)

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip up to Philadelphia to visit my sister and her 5-week-old baby boy (squeeeee!)  We got to spend a few wonderful days together oohing and ahhing over his sweet sleeping self and took turns bouncing him when he was fussy.  It was such a nice change of pace from my daily routine!  I absolutely loved holding him, snuggling him, and studying every precious detail of his tiny face and hands.

While I was visiting, she took me to a spot she had told me about many times.  I had heard about how magical and beautiful and unique this shop was so I was super excited to go. It’s about an hour outside of Philadelphia in Glen Mills, PA.

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It’s called terrain (the lower case t is intentional), and is a sister company to Anthropologie.  So, it’s no surprise their merch is totally gorgeous and swoon worthy.  It’s part green house, part garden store, part gift shop, part magic.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of terrain before, and maybe even browsed the website.  But, the site does not do the shop justice!  There are just a few locations (this Glen Mill PA one, as well as Westport CT, Walnut Creek CA, and Palo Alto CA), so most of us have to rely on their website.

The store itself is absolutely magical (as Anthropologie stores are).  It is layered with gobs and gobs of beautifully styled and arranged bits and bobs, with surprises around every corner.  I snapped a few shots of the inside to share, but again…it’s impossible to capture the full beauty.  I wound my way through the patina-ed, layered, maze-like shop at least four times, and I’m certain I still missed half of what there is to see.

They have a FANTASTIC selection of faux Christmas trees.  As a lifelong fresh tree girl, I would have totally gotten one if they hadn’t sold out of my favorite.

Enough drooling over the shop, let’s get on to the amazing gift options!  I picked up gifts for both kids and adults, and I want to share what I got below (as well as some on my personal wish list). Individual links and prices are below the grid:


1. Vintage Tinsel Tree $15

This tiny little tree would be such a sweet addition to an entryway or mantle vignette.

2. Linnea’s Lights Forest Fir Candle $38

Pine or fir scented candles are a MUST in our house over the holidays (I truly have an obsession.) This gorgeous frosted vessel glows so sweetly.

3. Mushroom Ornament $28

Vintage-esque glass ornaments add instant character and glam to a tree. I pick one or two up each year to add to our collection.  This whimsical mushroom is so bright and fun!

4. Fresh Cut Noble Fir $108-$148

I have always loved the look of a gappy (but chic) Charlie Brown tree, but fresh ones are impossible to find around here.  They’ll deliver this one to your door!

5. Zink Farmstead

There is an entire village of these gorgeous zink pieces.  Such a fresh, modern take on the Christmas Village.

6. Woolen Stripes Stockings $38

Can’t go wrong with classic knit stockings!

7. Cabin Cloche $10  

How adorable would this be on a foyer table or kitchen shelves!?  The lights are on a 6 hour timer, so it will come on each evening.

8. Standing Circle Taper Holder $68

The simplicity of this gorgeous taper holder makes it the perfect addition to a classic mantle.  I can see it beautifully nestled among fresh greenery.

9. Woodland Garland $24

The perfect addition to swag from a mantle or to add to your gallery wall for some holiday cheer.

10. Pick Up Sticks $10

My girls love this simple oldie but goodie.  It’s a must for our arsenal of family games.

11. Nesting Woodland Dolls $28

I picked this up for a certain lil’ 5 week old.  It will be a while before he’s old enough to play with it, but it will look precious in his nursery in the meantime.

12. Striped Linen Tea Towel $20

This one I grabbed for myself, and it’s the perfect thickness and absorbancy.  Can’t beat a classic linen tea towel, and the stripes add a nice bold touch to my kitchen.

13. Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit $368

We actually got one of these when it was in the Kickstarter phase, and we LOVE it!  It burns so clean, with very little smoke, and there are hardly any ashes left once the fire is out.  It comes with a big duffel for transport and storage.  Perfect gift for a family or your favorite guy.

14. Ash Leaf Necklace $178

I’m all heart-eyes over this gorgeous necklace.  The delicate pearls and sculptural leaves offer such a unique statement.  What an incredible surprise it would be tucked in a stocking!

15. Garlic Glass Ornament $12

I just love to adorn a beautifully wrapped gift with a small ornament.  They have a stellar variety of glass ornaments shaped as food.  This garlic is a favorite.

16. Cheese Ornament $14

17. Tea Towel: Cheeses $20

18. Honeycomb $16

I picked up these last three things as a little gift set.  The ornament, tea towel, and honeycomb make a yummy gift for under the tree.  Just add a fresh chunk of cheese and some artisanal crackers, and you’re done!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!  Have you been to terrain before?  Shopped there online?  I can only imagine how gorgeous the shop is in spring and summer.  If the pots were overflowing in November, imagine how lush and colorful it is in the spring!  Please let me know if you pick up any goodies!  I’d love to hear what other treasures you find.



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November 24, 2017



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