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Over a year ago, we were one year into our two-year lease in our rental house.  At the time, John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love put out a call to their readers for content for their second book (their first was a NYT best seller).  This book was to feature real ideas and solutions to decorating and organizing challenges that families face.  With encouragement from my sister Emma, I tidied up our house, took some photos, and emailed them off to the book submissions email address John and Sherry had set up.  My pitch was “renters learning to love orangey pine panelling.”  What felt like years passed by (it was actually just over one month), and I received an enthusiastic response from Sherry! 

One of the photos I submitted to YHL

One of the photos I submitted to YHL

...and another

…and another

They loved the ideas we had implemented, and wanted to include our home in their book!  The very talented Jordan Maunder happily agreed to take the photos, so I got to work tidying and tweaking our house.  I picked up a few things from Furbish to tszuj the space, and stopped by Progeny for some accessories for the girls. 

Jordan's much more beautiful shot!

Jordan’s much more beautiful shot!

...and another (including a very curious baby Della)

…and another (including a very curious baby Della)

We are finally nearing the release date for the new book, Lovable Livable Home, and I can not WAIT to get my hands on it.  Jordan took dozens (probably hundreds, really) of photos, and we submitted the final images to YHL.  They accepted them, and loved them.  I don’t know how many they ended up using.  All I know is that photos of our home will be on pages 53 and 81 of the book.  They weren’t able to get advanced copies for the featured participants, so I’m waiting for my copy to show up in our mail box in the next couple of weeks, along with everyone else who pre-ordered it.

I’m assuming there will just be a few of our pics in the book, so I wanted to share more here on my blog.  I’ve used several on my site already, but for those wanting to see more, here they are! 

All photos (except the first two) were taken by Jordan Maunder.  Thanks, Jordan!

September 10, 2015



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